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Hump day

Affairs of the Heart Chapter One

Affairs of the Heart Blurb After losing the love of his life in a fatal car crash, Mx closed his heart off from love. The only thing he cares about is keeping his lover’s memory alive through his small company. Until one afternoon Markus Wolfe walked into his office breaking through his heart, giving him a second chance at love. Chapter One Maxwell Stone sits at his desk looking at the amount of paperwork that he has to complete before his big presentation. It seems like all he has been doing is working lately, no the time for fun anymore not since Jace’s death. Closing his eyes, Max tries to hold back his tears that threaten to fall down his cheeks. It has been two years, and he cannot stop hurting whenever he thinks about his dead lover. To Max, it seemed like only yesterday Jace died.  Jace was and still is his everything, Max knows that he will never find another man to love him completely him the way Jace did. Jace was on his way to pick up a gift for his parent's fiftieth wedding…