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The End & The Beginning of edits

The End of the first draft & The Beginning of edits!

Well, I just finished the first draft ofLoving Youthe squeal to  My One-Night Stand, My Forever. I have not started the editing process as of yet. I would like to put this book to the side for a couple of days and work on other projects that I have started while I was writing Loving You.
I enjoyed writing about Ethan and Tyler, their relationship is very sweet and special so expect some fluff. I am happy with the finished product of the second version of this book. If you read my last update, I had to restart Ethan and Tyler’s story because it did not feel right. The title took me a to figure out which was another issue.
I am not the fastest writer, and I envy authors that are able to publish a book a couple of months apart. Maybe once I am more experienced I will be able to do the same. But as of now I ask for your patience. I went through so many different emotions and songs to find the right playlist for this book. It is a lo…