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Motivation Wednesday & A short sneak peak

Sneak Peak
“Good looking guy,” the man sitting next to him commented. It was a picture of Ethan and his dad standing together, his father’s arm draped over his shoulder. They were looking at the camera and laughing at something silly, no doubt a joke his dad told him. Ethan was looking at his father, who would always be his hero. Ethan did not look up but nodded his head. “Yeah, he was. He was my dad,” he answered. “At the word was, I take it he is no longer with us?” Ethan shook his head no and finally looked up at the guy who was talking to him, meeting intense ink black eyes enough to startle him. “He...he died a couple of years ago.” The man looked a couple of years older than him, maybe in his early thirties with a brown complexion and a bald head.
“I’m sorry for your loss,” the man said to him. Ethan heard honest sincerity rather than pity in his voice.