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Character inspiration One

My Christan Travers character inspiration.

DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya

I'm in one of those moods...Grrrr!!

Sneak Peak-Loving You

“Go back to sleep, it's too early for you to be thinking so hard.” Ethan started at hearing Tyler's deep groggy voice cutting through his thoughts. He moved his gaze from Tyler's back to his face. Tyler’s eyes were still closed. “How’d you know I was awake?” he asked. Tyler rolled over on his side, facing Ethan, “You’re thinking loud enough to wake the fucking dead. Besides, I noticed the change in your breathing.” “Never realized you were a light sleeper,” Ethan observed. A large hand reached out and pulled him flush against the warm body lying next to him.  His head fit snugly underneath Tyler's chin. It registered in the back of his mind that he felt safe and comfortable. He closed his eyes, blocking everything else out and snuggled deeper into the warmth beside him.
Just for a little while I will pretend that I belong to Tyler, who cares about me just as much as I care about him.
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Happy Father's Day