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My One Night-Stand, My Forever

Young and on the rise in his career, Christen Travers wanted a new lease on life, moving to a new state and accepting the dream position he worked so hard for Christen just needs to blow off some steam. Not wanting a relationship, his goal is to find the perfect one-night stand, one he will hit it and forget it, then go back to the life he strived for. Jaxson Colvin, Special Agent, works for the FBI. On a night off and wanting to unwind, offering to buy the sexy stranger a drink turns into a night he won't soon forget. The memories of that one night keep Jaxson company when he is out on assignment far longer than he anticipated. Sometimes one-night stands bring much more than a few hours of enjoyment and memories. When Jaxson and Christen bump into each other again, they both have to learn that sometimes one night can turn into a Forever.  US- UK- CA-

Good Morning...Just something I cooked up

Steven hums and snuggles deeper into his pillow, he feels himself getting pulled back into the dream he had last night. In the dream his lover is holding him tightly, keeping him safe while they sleep. Steven buries his nose into the warmth, taking in the masculine scent of his lover.  God, I love the way his lover’s body smells after a night filled with sleep and sex. He likes the way those big soft hands caress him. Steven feels his dick stir to life. He unconsciously rubs it against those masculine legs, humming at the delicious sensation it creates on the sensitive head of his cock. Steven's dream lover feels so real. Lips begin to kiss his neck, fingers pinch his nipples. Steven rolls onto his back and opens his legs, giving his partner easy access to his body. Steven moans as a strong hand grip his cock, “Yesss.” he hisses. “Do you like that, Babe?” Steven’s dream lover asks while jerking his cock. “Yes, it feels sooo good when you touch me.” Steven moans. “I will never stop touc…

Monday Motivation