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Ethan & Tyler Update

I have been working hard on our new set of boys. Sort of hit a snag a couple of days ago. I am now in the process of rewriting the first draft. I have over 6,000+ words which I got done in the past twenty-four hours. Ethan & Tyler's story ties in with Christen's timeline. You get to see what was going on with Ethan while Christen was dealing with his pregnancy. I'm also trying to work on my website and start a newsletter. But check back here for weekly posts. I have two titles for Ethan and Tyler's story in mind. I hope to narrow them down in the coming weeks. 
Blurb (Subjected to change)
Ethan Beaumont caught his fiancĂ©e cheating on him and decided he needed some time away from it all for a while. After visiting his best friend Christen he’s not ready to go back to his regular life. On a spontaneous decision Ethan get on a plane and heads to Las Vegas for the weekend. He’s not expecting to run into the dashing and sexy Tyler Hamilton who he’s had a crush on since th…