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Book Two & More

Book two has been outlined or well into it, the plot keeps expanding and the synopsis almost completed. I got so excited I wrote some of the first chapters. There are too many thoughts swirling around in my head about what I want to happen I had to write them down. I have so many stories floating in my head fanfics, and original all mpreg, creature/shifter books and stories. I hope I will be able to sleep.

As for book two I have an image of who I want Tyler and Ethan to look like. If you haven't guessed already, they are the next couple to get their story told.  They are very open about what they want, and I hope I am able to do their story justice. I am sure the Ethan that you will meet at the beginning of the book will change personality wise by the end of the book. You will see a bit more of Tyler's personality that you were introduced to. I love his character he knows what he wants, but he remains cool and patient, and I hope I can convey that on paper. I am still feeling o…

The Rise & Fall of Dr. Morgan Leap

The Rise & Fall of Dr. Morgan Leap
Thirty years ago, Dr. Morgan Leap wanted to impress his colleagues and revolutionize the American Military and ended up creating what is now widely known as the Leap XY Gene Serum.  Dr. Leap’s story is not one of tragic upbringing nor did he set out to help men who wish to carry their own children do so. His story is one of his own imagination.  Dr. Leap believed that all humans were born with an extra DNA strand that connects to a feral beast within. He also believed that it was up to him to help the world recognize this factor of themselves. The animal within each human was linked to their personality traits. The animal also reflects the person actions and emotions, such as their anger, fear, and confidence. Dr. Leap associated that the bigger, stronger and more dangerous the animal within the individual, the more beneficial they were to society. Leap also assumed that if humans were willing to access their inner animal, they would have the abil…