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Meet Jaxson Colvin

Jaxson Bane Colvin lives a dangerous life as an FBI agent. Risk is something Jax takes every day, and meeting Christen was not something he was expecting. They only had one night together, but it was one night that changed his life forever.
-Sneak peak-
“Come on Baby give me those sounds again. Tell me how much you want my dick inside of you. Be the pushy little bottom you are.”
“Shut up and fuck me,” Christen grunt at him. I will not beg…I will not beg. He chanted to himself.
“I will if you give me another taste of your sweet lips,” Blondie told him as he leaned down so close that their lips are almost touching. Christen licked his lips tempted to give in to this one demand. Blondie’s eyes dropped down to Christen's lips and his fingers inside of him began to move again. This time, Christen did not hide what he wanted and moved his hips in tandem with the fingers sliding inside of him. He drop his legs, and reached down and grabs hold of the other man’s dick and start to jerk Bl…

Meet Christen Travers

Christen Wyatt Travers, youngest in his field as an ER trauma surgeon. More focused on his career. He does not believe in taking risks in his personal life. Things change in one night when he meets the man who will change his life forever. 
Coming Soon March 2016

Coming Soon March 2016

I am happy to announce that my first novel will be out soon! Here is the blurb.

Young and on the rise in his career, Christen Travers wanted a new lease on life, moving to a new state and accepting the dream position he worked so hard for Christen just needs to blow off some steam. Not wanting a relationship, his goal is to find the perfect one-night stand, one he will hit it and forget it, then go back to the life he strived for.
Jaxson Colvin, Special Agent, works for the FBI. On a night off and wanting to unwind, offering to buy the sexy stranger a drink turns into a night he won't soon forget. The memories of that one night keep Jaxson company when he is out on assignment far longer than he anticipated. 
Sometimes one-night stands bring much more than a few hours of enjoyment and memories. When Jaxson and Chris bump into each other again, they both have to learn that sometimes one night can turn into a Forever.
M/M Romance, Mpreg, Fiction