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The End & The Beginning of edits

The End of the first draft & The Beginning of edits!

Well, I just finished the first draft of Loving You the squeal to  My One-Night Stand, My Forever. I have not started the editing process as of yet. I would like to put this book to the side for a couple of days and work on other projects that I have started while I was writing Loving You.

I enjoyed writing about Ethan and Tyler, their relationship is very sweet and special so expect some fluff. I am happy with the finished product of the second version of this book. If you read my last update, I had to restart Ethan and Tyler’s story because it did not feel right. The title took me a to figure out which was another issue.

I am not the fastest writer, and I envy authors that are able to publish a book a couple of months apart. Maybe once I am more experienced I will be able to do the same. But as of now I ask for your patience. I went through so many different emotions and songs to find the right playlist for this book. It is a long list I will add a couple of songs that I was able to write to. I suspect as a writer it will be that way. You experience what your characters are feeling.

Other than that, I have been doing DIY projects on my home and a few baking projects. I have always wanted to bake cupcakes and cakes like they on television so I am giving that a try. Sometimes they come out looking as it does on the television and other times a flop. Maybe I will show those as well.

One last thing I would like to say. Our world is filled with hate and people who are very unhappy in their lives. And to make themselves feel better, they think that it is ok to hurt others. My heart hurts just as I know yours are hurting right now because of the tragedy in Orlando Fl. This is because of one person hate and the fact that he did not understand that love is love no matter the gender. We cannot and should not let this stop us from loving and supporting one another. Please keep the families of those who lost a loved one, or was wounded in your nightly and daily thoughts and prayers as I will.
Thanks for your support.

Loving You Playlist (kind of got longer than I was expecting)
·        Work
The Weekend-
·        The Hills
Tamara Braxton-
·        Love & War
·        The One
·        All The Way Home
·        Let Me Know
·        Pieces
Vivian Green-
·        Emotional Rollercoaster
·        Get Right Back To My Baby
Erykah Badu-
·        Love Of My Life
·        Window Seat
·        Bag Lady
·        On & On
·        I’m In Love With You (Duet w/ Stephen Marley)
·        Next Lifetime
·        Didn’tcha Know
Melanie Fiona
·        4AM
·        It Kills Me
Damian Marley
·        Welcome To Jamrock
·        Nah Mean
·        Set Up Shop
·        Beautiful
·        Patience
Stephen Marley
·        Rock Stone
·        Ghetto Boy
·        False Friends
·        Old Slave
Gerald Levert
·        Baby Hold On To Me
·        Made To Love Ya
·        Baby, I’m Ready
·        Casanova
·        Private Line
·        U Got That Love
·        Officially Missing You
·        Love Me in a Special Way
·        So Into You
·        Stranger In My House
·        Missing You
·        Stuck on You
·        Sandwich & A Soda
A separate list I found on Youtube
1. Just One Of Them Thangs - Keith Sweat
2. Lick U Up - H-Town
3. It Seems Like Your Ready - R. Kelly
4. If I Ever Fall In Love - Shai
5. Miss You - Aaliyah
6. The Only One For Me - Brian McKnight
7. For You - Kenny Lattimore
8. Tell Me - Dru Hill
9. Let's Stay Together - Eric Benet
10. I Love You - Keith Washington
11. Send It On - D'Angelo
12. U Send Me Swingin' - Mint Condition
13. You - Jesse Powell
14. Sweetest Love - K. Michelle
15. Now You Got Someone - Avant
16. Ghetto Love - Jaheim
17. Do (Whatcha Say Boo) - Jon B
18. Pillow Talk - Chantay Savage
19. Why - Asante
20. Cry For You - Jodeci
21. Will You Be Mine - Ruff Endz
22. Show Me - Jill Scott
23. Piece Of My Love - Guy
24. Tellin' Me No Again - Keith Sweat
25. All The Way Home - Tamar Braxton

26. Against All Odds - Montell Jordan


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