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Motivation Wednesday & A short sneak peak

Sneak Peak
“Good looking guy,” the man sitting next to him commented.
It was a picture of Ethan and his dad standing together, his father’s arm draped over his shoulder. They were looking at the camera and laughing at something silly, no doubt a joke his dad told him. Ethan was looking at his father, who would always be his hero.
Ethan did not look up but nodded his head. “Yeah, he was. He was my dad,” he answered.
“At the word was, I take it he is no longer with us?”
Ethan shook his head no and finally looked up at the guy who was talking to him, meeting intense ink black eyes enough to startle him. “He...he died a couple of years ago.” The man looked a couple of years older than him, maybe in his early thirties with a brown complexion and a bald head.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” the man said to him. Ethan heard honest sincerity rather than pity in his voice.


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September 1st & another year I did not get my letter to Hogwarts!

I happy to be starting the month out on a great note, even though I did not get my Hogwarts letter. My second book will be available on the 20th. YAY!! I am also working on my short story that I hope to be completed by the end of the month, I know my betas are eager to get their hands on it. Stephen and Brenden's story is coming along nicely. There will be a struggle with these two men, after all, they have a history together. I am also working on two new series that I hope to start once I'm done with My One-Night Stand Series. It has not been decided if the new series will be mpreg or not. I am working on my website that I hope to have up and running by the end of the month (I know I have said this before). I love blogger, but there's more that I want to do with my site. I am not tech savvy so it is taking me a while to get my site the way I like it.

Loving You is up for Pre-order on Amazon.

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