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It's been awhile since I have updated and that is due to being sick and a few other things. As for Ethan & Tyler’s book I was almost finished and because it didn’t feel right to me I started over. I know it was a risk doing that, but I want to make sure that the product I out forward is a good one. Also, I am not much or social media, but I will do better. I get focused on what I’m doing and forget everything else.

As for the title of book two, I finally settled on one after a long deliberation. Loving You came out on top. It fits the story that I am trying to tell between Ethan & Tyler.  The cover is being worked on as we speak so there is progress being made. Still do not have a release date as of yet because with edits and everything else it could take a bit longer, but hopefully, it will be before the end of the summer.

I have also started working on books three & four plus a new series that I hope to publish next year. This will be an Alpha/Omega universe so I am also doing a lot of research on this.

I am also working on my website here is the link to check it out and tell me what you think.


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Excited Thoughts

For the past couple of weeks, I have been a ball of nerves and excited mess. I am excited to share my world with you. I cannot wait for the release and to hear your thoughts. I love reading and writing about two or three men fall in love with each other. I believe that love is love no matter the gender. I hope that you enjoy reading about Christen and Jaxson as much as I loved writing about them. Just a couple of years ago I wrote my first Harry Potter Slash (m/m) fan fiction and loved it. Writing has helped me expressed my thoughts and feelings in the worlds and plots I create. I generally read and write fluff and mpreg stories/novels. It is what I am drawn to. With that said there will be more from the One-Night series.