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Sneak Peek-Loving You.

Feeling a bit sober, Ethan turned around, and their eyes connected his meeting those bright green eyes. Their faces were so close to each other that Ethan had to lean back a bit, putting some space between them. Slowly and without shame, he let his eyes travel from those piercing green eyes down to the man’s broad chest, stopping at his crotch and moving back up again.
The man raised an eyebrow, “See something you like?”  
Cocky bastard, thought Ethan.
“Well, well, Tyler Hamilton.” Ethan smiled wide, “Isn’t this a surprise? What are you doing here?” Ethan always had a crush on Tyler since the first time they met.
Ethan guessed Tyler had a right to be cocky.  He was sexy as hell. The dark suit with a white shirt he was wearing looked like it was made for him and likely was. Tyler was not a small man in stature, Ethan guessed he was about six-one, and two hundred and fifty pounds of hard muscles. He had naturally olive skin and wavy black hair and recently, over the past couple of months, he’d been sporting a neatly trimmed beard. Ethan took a sip of his drink, hoping that it would calm his racing heart.
He understood why men and women threw themselves at Tyler. From what he knew of the middle Hamilton brother, Tyler dated men or women with little substance in the brain department. It made Ethan a bit angry that Tyler always looked at him as Christen’s best friend and maybe another brother rather than a potential lover.
“I could ask you the same thing.” Tyler tilted his head, studying Ethan. “What are you doing here?” He asked, looking around.
“What does it look like? I’m having fun, what else…”
“Uh huh,” Tyler responded, not believing him. “Well, are you? Having fun that is?”
“Yes, Charlie has been an excellent host.” Ethan turned around and winked at Charlie, who was still standing behind him, watching their interaction.
“That means we did our job, by making you feel welcomed in our little establishment,” Tyler smiled.
“You own the club?” he asked surprised. “I had no idea Hamilton Enterprise was in the clubbing business.”
“They aren’t,” Tyler said, shrugging his shoulders. “This belongs to Charlie and me.”
That surprised Ethan. He never saw Tyler as the type to step from behind his father and twin brother’s shadow. Tyler seemed the type to follow directly behind them, doing everything they ask of him without question. It was one of the reasons he and Tyler disagreed each time they saw each other.
“Surprised?” Tyler questioned.
“A little,” he admitted. “I had no idea you wanted to do things on your own. I thought you worked for Hamilton Enterprises.” Ethan had heard what a shark Tyler was in the boardroom when it came to acquisitions of other companies. Ethan wonders if the same zeal carries over to the bedroom.
“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Tyler said, leaning closer to him. Tyler abruptly pulled back as if remembering who he was.
God, he is handsome. Ethan mentally pictured Tyler without his clothes on and hoped his body language did not display his thoughts. He studied Tyler a bit more; Ethan couldn’t put his finger on it, but something was off with Tyler. There was a sort of dark, dangerous aura to him, something he’s never noticed before.  

“So are you here alone or do I finally get to meet the elusive fiancĂ©e I have heard so much about?” Tyler asked, cutting into Ethan’s thoughts.


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