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Meet Jaxson Colvin

Jaxson Bane Colvin lives a dangerous life as an FBI agent. Risk is something Jax takes every day, and meeting Christen was not something he was expecting. They only had one night together, but it was one night that changed his life forever.

-Sneak peak-

“Come on Baby give me those sounds again. Tell me how much you want my dick inside of you. Be the pushy little bottom you are.”

“Shut up and fuck me,” Christen grunt at him. I will not beg…I will not beg. He chanted to himself.

“I will if you give me another taste of your sweet lips,” Blondie told him as he leaned down so close that their lips are almost touching. Christen licked his lips tempted to give in to this one demand. Blondie’s eyes dropped down to Christen's lips and his fingers inside of him began to move again. This time, Christen did not hide what he wanted and moved his hips in tandem with the fingers sliding inside of him. He drop his legs, and reached down and grabs hold of the other man’s dick and start to jerk Blondie off slowly. Blondie grunts when Christen scrapes his nail over the top of the slit. He buried his face into Christen's neck and bit down on the spot he sucked on bringing pain and blood. Christen inhales a sharp breath. This man and his silent attacks make Christen quiver with utter need.

“Please,” Christen whispered. Blondie inserts another finger. And, Christen lost count of how many entered him so far.

“Please, what?” Blondie’s gruff voice ghosted on his neck. Christen shook his head no, and he refused to beg like the wanton slut he knew he was being. This is, a one night stand, and this man no matter how sexy he is will never break through his tightly wrapped shell. Christen wrapped his legs around Blondie and rolled them over dislodging the man's beefy fingers from his ass. Christen grunt at the sting and the loss, but he will soon remedy that problem. “You little shit,” Blondie growled out. 

Christen smiled secretly at his ballsy move.

Christen put one hand on Blondie’s muscular chest and with the other he reach around and grips the other man’s cock and positioned it to his waiting hole. He slowly lowers himself down onto Blondie’s hard cock.

Oh God, he feels so fucking good inside of me as if he belongs there.

Two men, One-Night, bound together Forever.

Coming Soon March 2016


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Excited Thoughts

For the past couple of weeks, I have been a ball of nerves and excited mess. I am excited to share my world with you. I cannot wait for the release and to hear your thoughts. I love reading and writing about two or three men fall in love with each other. I believe that love is love no matter the gender. I hope that you enjoy reading about Christen and Jaxson as much as I loved writing about them. Just a couple of years ago I wrote my first Harry Potter Slash (m/m) fan fiction and loved it. Writing has helped me expressed my thoughts and feelings in the worlds and plots I create. I generally read and write fluff and mpreg stories/novels. It is what I am drawn to. With that said there will be more from the One-Night series.