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Coming Soon March 2016

I am happy to announce that my first novel will be out soon! Here is the blurb.

Young and on the rise in his career, Christen Travers wanted a new lease on life, moving to a new state and accepting the dream position he worked so hard for Christen just needs to blow off some steam. Not wanting a relationship, his goal is to find the perfect one-night stand, one he will hit it and forget it, then go back to the life he strived for.

Jaxson Colvin, Special Agent, works for the FBI. On a night off and wanting to unwind, offering to buy the sexy stranger a drink turns into a night he won't soon forget. The memories of that one night keep Jaxson company when he is out on assignment far longer than he anticipated. 

Sometimes one-night stands bring much more than a few hours of enjoyment and memories. When Jaxson and Chris bump into each other again, they both have to learn that sometimes one night can turn into a Forever.

M/M Romance, Mpreg, Fiction


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