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The Rise & Fall of Dr. Morgan Leap

The Rise & Fall of Dr. Morgan Leap

Thirty years ago, Dr. Morgan Leap wanted to impress his colleagues and revolutionize the American Military and ended up creating what is now widely known as the Leap XY Gene Serum.  Dr. Leap’s story is not one of tragic upbringing nor did he set out to help men who wish to carry their own children do so. His story is one of his own imagination.  Dr. Leap believed that all humans were born with an extra DNA strand that connects to a feral beast within. He also believed that it was up to him to help the world recognize this factor of themselves. The animal within each human was linked to their personality traits.
The animal also reflects the person actions and emotions, such as their anger, fear, and confidence. Dr. Leap associated that the bigger, stronger and more dangerous the animal within the individual, the more beneficial they were to society. Leap also assumed that if humans were willing to access their inner animal, they would have the ability to heal their bodies from minor injuries. It was also Dr.  Leap’s scientific opinion that the more unique or wild the animal was, the longer the human would most likely live.
His findings were also extended to large mammals which were able to survive in torrential climates, enabling humans to breathe longer than normal under water for longer periods of time.  Dogs and cats were domesticated leaving them not as strong as a lion that had to learn from birth how to care and fend for themselves, and protect their offspring's from danger if need be. When Leap presented his report to his peers, they laughed and mocked him stating that his idea was preposterous and could not scientifically be proven.
Dr. Morgan Leap set out to prove the naysayers wrong and gain notoriety as the man who changed the scientific world for the better. Dr. Leap took the time to research and study human and animal DNA. As a part of his study, Dr. Leap experimented on animals and observed how they changed and started to become more human-like in their actions. For instance, Dr. Leap noted in his research that apes were not the only animals that could be taught sign language, he took the time to instruct smaller animals, like rabbits and squirrels, to communicate with each other. But, Dr. Leap felt limited by using quickly caught backyard rodents.  Dr. Leap realized he needed better funding and equipment to further his research.
Dr. Leap labored for years, day and night, never giving up on perfecting his research to splice and combine human and animal DNA. In the early stages of his study, Dr. Leap used human cadavers for his experiments. However, his findings were not as he hoped. A willing and living specimen was what Dr. Leap needed. With what little information he had; Dr. Leap took his proposed research to government officials. To get their approval, Dr. Leap purposely tailored his report to entice the scientists and generals that govern the branches of the military with the notion of building super soldiers that would be hard to kill in combative situations.
No one was aware that part of Dr. Leap's initial report was fabricated. In his report, Dr. Leap had them believe that he experimented on larger and feral animals. By showing the changes an animal takes on once their DNA interacts with a human DNA. When asked by a General of the military where he found willing human test subjects, Dr. Leap admitted he used human cadavers. But to understand his research he required live human bodies, the generals and scientists were easily swayed by his words and awarded Dr. Leap millions of dollars and a lab to continue his research.  
Armed with the money and a new state of the art lab, many clamored to work on his project with him. As a part of his contract with the government, Dr. Leap must also assist in the development of nuclear weapons.   Dr. Leap delved deeper into his research, working day and night to complete his life's work. Even with better funding, there were a few roadblocks in his way. His continued argument that using domesticated animals and cadavers would not produce the results he needed. 
Stalled in his progress, Dr. Leap became angry at his bosses because he felt they had little faith in his work. Which was partly true. The government needed more proof, something tangible that Dr. Leap’s research could improve the life of frontline troop members.
With the threat of losing his funding, Dr. Leap was finally able to develop a serum to show his investors. The serum was comprised of blood and skin samples taken from an animal; such as a tiger or lion that Dr. Leap acquired without the knowledge of his bosses. Dr. Leap mixed the samples with various chemical compounds that would separate the strongest from the weakest DNA elements. Once the serum was completed and ready for a test subject it would be injected into a willing human's bloodstream. The serum’s mission was to seek, find, attach, and change the extra hidden, and weakest, DNA; making it the dominant factor in the host’s body.
With the lack of living test subjects, Dr. Leap injected the serum into his body. Within the first few minutes of being injected nothing happened.  Dr. Leap began to worry until he felt the worst pain imaginable in his midsection, causing him to pass out from the blinding pain. Dr. Leap woke up in the hospital three days later, looking and feeling the same as before. He was disappointed in his failure. When he described what happened to his benefactors, Dr. Leap expressed the need for living human subjects, in order to see what would happen to the body during those three days.
Reluctantly, they agreed but told Dr. Leap that this was his last chance to prove his findings or his funding would be cut.  Before being released from the hospital, Dr. Leap requested all of his blood samples, he hoped that even though his appearance did not change on the outside, there were possible changes on the inside. There were no significant changes in his blood work. He also tested his strength and agility and again he remained the same. Even with all of the tests he performed on himself if Dr. Leap had taken the time to look closer at his blood results his would have noticed he had a higher level of progesterone than normal.
Instead of giving him the strongest and finest soldiers the military had to offer, Dr. Leap felt he was given the weakest who could not handle the testing phases resulting in their deaths. Because of his inability to show proof and the unexplained deaths of military members, his funding was cut and eventually he was fired. Dr. Leap became deranged due to his failure and the need to prove that there was an inner beast in every human being. The lines were crossed with lives lost and the fact was that he did not care, the only thing that mattered to Dr. Leap was his research that he spent years trying to perfect. 
Before leaving, Dr. Leap retained his work, refusing to let another steal his idea. Dr. Leap and his most loyal assistant, Carter Miller, had made sure to grab every piece of information so they could continue the experiments without the watchful eyes of the government. Carter, who later became Dr. Leap’s lover, became as obsessed. Carter became as obsessed as Dr. Leap to pursuing their research and volunteered to become his next human test subject and the first man known to get pregnant. At first, Dr. Leap was enraged by his failure of not achieving what he set out to do.
Once he realized what he created, Dr. Leap drafted a new plan and with renewed determination once again took his findings to his peers and colleagues who hopefully not see him as a deranged scientist.  Instead of accepting his new scientific achievement with open hearts and minds, Dr. Leap and Carter were labeled as freaks causing them to go into hiding for fear of their lives and that of their unborn child.
In the early stages of Carter’s pregnancy, Dr. Leap recorded his symptoms but he needed a pregnant female for comparison. With limited funds Dr. Leap and Carter were reduced to kidnapping a female to use in their research. They chose a woman who isolated herself from society and has never been pregnant. She bargained for her freedom by doing what they wanted. Dr. Leap artificially inseminated her with his seed and his serum in hopes that the extra DNA would make itself known in the first stages of the fetus’s life. Carter experienced symptoms same as the female test subject, with a few slight variations.
 He required more protein and fewer carbohydrates, Dr. Leap monitored Carter’s energy level and heart rate. He also scrutinized the growth of the child and anything that appeared out of the ordinary. Thinking this could be their break back into the scientific world, Dr. Leap kidnapped two more women. One who had problems having children of her own, and a mother of two who was pregnant with her third child. With the mother of two, he injected the serum into the baby while still in her womb. To cover their tracks, Dr. Leap burned down the house and her family inside of it.
With each subject, Dr. Leap noted the differences and the similarities between men and women. Before pregnancy, males experienced gut-wrenching pain as their body changed and adjusted to new organs. Men do not experience hormonal imbalance at the beginning. But could later experience an overload of emotions during their pregnancies. Dr. Leap figured with this new avenue of research, the world would surely listen and he would gain the notoriety he had always wanted.
Especially if the child was already born with the animal gene present. The notion of becoming a father did not register to him, rather his joy was based on the aspect of the scientific advancement and what this could mean on a global scale. Along with strength, Dr. Leap hoped that his children would have a high IQ to match their super strength.
 One night Dr. Leap could not sleep, he had the strangest feeling that something terrible was about to happen. In his paranoid state Dr. Leap memorized his formula then burned his notes so that no one would get them, including Carter. The next morning, during one of his outings to get supplies for Carter and the expectant mothers, tragedy struck. What Dr. Leap and Carter could not guess was that they were being hunted, not for their work but to kill them.
The benefactors that Dr. Leap once worked for tracked him down and hired assassins to kill Dr. Leap and to capture Carter, to bring him back to their facility to study him and the child. When they got wind of the women Dr. Leap kidnapped and impregnated, it only made the situation dire. Killing Carter and Dr. Leap, then saving the women and children became a top priority. However, things did not go according to plan as the American Government would have liked.
Unknowingly, the generals hired the wrong assassin for the job, Gabriel Marshalls, whose code of ethics was “leave no evidence behind.” Maybe the generals knew exactly who they hired. Gabriel Marshalls was also a part of a group that viewed the world in a white light. Carter was African American, and the three women had different racial backgrounds; Gabriel saw this as an opportunity to rid the world of a few stains on society.
The morning Dr. Leap’s world took a turn for the worst happened quickly. Gabriel found Carter and the three women alone and while they slept peacefully, he slit their throats one by one. Then he took pleasure cutting the babies out of their wombs and watched as Carter, the three mothers, and children died. To further taunt Dr. Leap, Gabriel left a message written in the blood of his victims on the walls that he was next. And signed it, “The Angel Gabriel.”
When Dr. Leap saw the words, he became enraged that his life’s work was ruined. The death of his family brought him over the edge. Before Gabriel could return, Dr. Leap burned the warehouse down and fled; going further into hiding. While he was in hiding, Dr. Leap planned his revenge, no longer would he try to explain his research to his peers. After all, they killed his family without just cause.
 It took Dr. Leap a course of ten years, and many more bodies, to exact his revenge before taking his own life. Over the process of those ten years, Dr. Leap was not sure why the need for his revenge was driving him to push so hard, was it the loss of his loved ones or his research? But the question did not make him stop, Dr. Leap continued on, he also chronicled his life’s work to show proof of what he had done.
Dr. Leap worked tirelessly creating large batches of his serum. He became more paranoid as the years went, traveling light with small essentials and only the knowledge of his Leap XY Gene Serum formula in his head. Dr. Leap remembered in the beginning when he and Carter first injected the serum into their system the blinding pain they experienced then passing out and decided to pinpoint what would cause the pain.
To test this new theory, he kidnapped homeless men and boys that no one would miss. He took men that exhibited different personality traits, Alpha, Beta, Omega, and Gamma. Dr. Leap wanted to test if the serum would discriminate against one personality to the other. This time, Dr. Leap forced his subjects to sleep with each other, threatening their lives.
However, the pregnancies varied, those who were Alpha males were not able to carry the child full-term. Their bodies fought against the pregnancies like diseases, killing the fetus. Beta males were able to carry full term, which was nine months. Yet, they required more monitoring, because even though their bodies accepted the change, a small part of it viewed the fetus as a threat that could easily be expelled, while the other part nourished it.  Omega and Gamma personalities had no issues carrying the child to full term, their bodies accepted the change and embraced the fetus; sending it nutrients, helping it to grow.
Dr. Leap went further, altering the side effects of the serum, incorporating animal DNA, he also made it odorless and tasteless.  The Pregnancy XY Gene Serum would act like the person had a cold or flu, while the chemicals changed the physiology of the man’s body. Dr. Leap traveled the globe dispatching it in main water supplies. He made his batches strong enough to cover larger bodies of water that would act as an activation to the necessary components targeting males, giving them a reproductive system.
As an added bonus, Dr. Leap found a way to also dispense his serum in the air. Using the air conditioning in easily accessed places, such as large companies and airports, infecting workers and travelers. Once the serum came in contact with the skin, it started to change the physiology; giving the man a reproductive system. The serum helped women who were infertile by repairing the damage to their bodies.
Also, Dr. Leap made sure the world knew exactly what he had done. In the age of limited, but advanced technology, as his last act of revenge Dr. Leap made videos that went viral showing proof of his actions and that of the American Government. Such as contaminating the water supply, he also showed evidence of what was done to his family. Before revealing what he did to the world, Dr. Leap found out through a source Gabriel Marshalls whereabouts exacting personal revenge, torturing and killing him. Dr. Leap broadcasted pictures and sonograms of his unborn children.
He also showed proof that the serum worked and portraits of all his pregnant test subjects, male and female. At first, the public did not want to believe that their government would allow a doctor to experiment on human beings, or send an assassin to kill his family. To ensure that he would evade capture, at the end of his video evidence, Dr. Leap shot himself for the world to see; taking the formula for the serum to his grave.
After everything had been revealed, the government tried to paint Dr. Leap as deranged and mentally unstable. While secretly they attempted to find his test subjects and their babies, in hopes of getting rid of the evidence. The public almost believed the words of their officials, until one of Dr. Leap’s pregnant male test subject that was thought to be killed came out as proof showing that Dr. Leap was not as crazy as he was made out to be. However, because of injuries he sustained while trying to evade capture, he and his child were killed.
The world went back to normal and talks of Dr. Leap and his crazy serum were forgotten, until a year later men began showing up in hospitals and doctors all over the world complaining of being sick and having stomach cramps. Doctors were baffled and did not know what to do and, at first, did not associate the symptoms with Dr.  Leap’s formula.
After many tests, one Doctor decided to do a sonogram, suspecting that the man could be pregnant. Confirming his suspicions and without telling his patient, the doctor aborted the baby. Soon other doctors began to suspect the same thing, taking the matter into their own hands and aborting the fetus’, without informing their patients.
Once word got out what was happening the world, and the medical profession, became unrecognizable. The population was not ready for the new changes that were about to take place, it was close to genocide. History repeated itself, where no one was safe from persecution, it was the witch trials all over again. Religious zealots and homophobes used the opportunity to try and rid the world of gay men and women. So many lives were lost because of fear and ignorance. Scientists sought a way to eliminate the serum by making an antidote but whatever they came up with only made it worse by helping the changes that the Leap Pregnancy XY Gene Serum had already started.
Most expecting men, who were happy to become pregnant, were able to find safe havens; hiding with those they trusted until they gave birth. When the first legitimate child was born from a man the world was at a standstill, no one knew what to expect. A very brave man who refused to hide, wanted the world to know that there was nothing wrong with seeing a pregnant man and that his child would not be labeled a freak.  Many speculated that the child would be deformed, with extra toes and eyes.
When pictures finally circulated, showing the baby was a boy and that he looked completely healthy it was a shock. Many experienced guilt over what happened to the previous men and their children that were killed. The boy became famous; he and every child since then, were born with a functioning reproductive system. It was too late for anyone to object when they saw more and more expecting men. Soon after, the governments could not hide or fight against the changes, but decided to come up with birth control other than condoms for men to take.
In the beginning, men were given the same type of birth control that were given to women, but doctors realized that those pills were not working. Men needed stronger and a more effective birth control. That was when they came up with the shot called MHS which stood for Male Hormone Suppression shot.  This was given every three months until males decided whether they wanted to have children. There was only a one-week time window after their three months were up before the man was required to get another shot. The longer they waited, the more likely were the risks for pregnancy to occur.
Although the world was changing, becoming more accepting, there were still parents who felt it was wrong for their sons to be born with the ability to have children and tried to having the reproductive system removed. Those whose bodies were changed from the serum were a lot more resistant to their teenage sons suddenly getting pregnant. However, removing the newly functioned reproductive system caused complications to the male’s body.
 In some cases, killing the man or stopping them from having a child completely. To gain more control over the situation, government official made a stipulation that it was illegal for a parent to try and remove the child's reproductive system. Other countries followed suit, going as far as building facilities that were primarily for expecting men and their care.

A law was put in place by the new government, that when a male reached the age of eighteen, they were allowed to have their uterine sac burned; eliminating the prospect of them getting pregnant. No longer were gay men dependent on the need for surrogates and even with the option to have their own children, some men choose to adopt, adding to their family. As for Leap’s wish that the children born from his Pregnancy XY Gene Serum with high IQ’s or super strength, never came into fruition. Over time, other changes made themselves apparent, such as unique eye colors and the ability to see in the dark, better hearing, and being able to endure pain for a long period of time. Doctors were confident that as time passed, society would continue to live longer and healthier lives.


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