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Good Morning...Just something I cooked up

Steven hums and snuggles deeper into his pillow, he feels himself getting pulled back into the dream he had last night. In the dream his lover is holding him tightly, keeping him safe while they sleep. Steven buries his nose into the warmth, taking in the masculine scent of his lover. 
God, I love the way his lover’s body smells after a night filled with sleep and sex. 
He likes the way those big soft hands caress him. Steven feels his dick stir to life. He unconsciously rubs it against those masculine legs, humming at the delicious sensation it creates on the sensitive head of his cock. Steven's dream lover feels so real. Lips begin to kiss his neck, fingers pinch his nipples. Steven rolls onto his back and opens his legs, giving his partner easy access to his body.
Steven moans as a strong hand grip his cock, “Yesss.” he hisses.
“Do you like that, Babe?” Steven’s dream lover asks while jerking his cock.
“Yes, it feels sooo good when you touch me.” Steven moans.
“I will never stop touching you, all you have to do is ask,” his lover tells him trailing kisses down Steven’s neck then to his nipples, biting and sucking on them. Steven’s nipples are the most sensitive part of his body. Steven opens his lust-clouded eyes to see blond hair and moans as his lover grips his erection.
“I love the sounds you make.” Says his lover. His lover’s voice is so seductive, and he uses it to his advantage, driving Steven wild.
“Only you.” Steven pants, “I only make them for you.”
“I want inside of you.” Kissing his lips then his neck. “Let me in, Love.” His lover whispers.
Steven nods his head, he wants his lover inside him too. It has been so long since he felt the touch of a man, the feel of another inside of him, taking him to heights beyond compare. “Please,” Steven gasps.
Steven’s lover prepares him gently using his fingers and massaging his prostate. Steven is in heavenly dream, his body does not feel like his own. Sweat glistens on his body, his fingers grips the sheets, and his hips move with each and every stroke as his lover opens him up more. Steven wants more; he needs to have his lover inside of him now. “I’m ready; please in me.”
Steven’s lover takes one of his legs, and places it on his forearm, wasting no time he enters him. Steven gasps at the sensation of being entered. When his lover is completely inside of him, Steven’s lover stills and grips his hips to keep them from moving, giving him time to get used to the feeling of his lover inside of him. Steven reaches up and grips his lover’s hair, moving his head to taste those succulent lips. When Steven is comfortable with the feeling of his lover inside of him, he starts to move his hips, drawing a gasp from both their lips and causing them to pull away from their kiss. His lover is being oh so gentle, yet, Steven wants rough and hard.
Steven moves his legs and wraps them around his lover’s waist clasping them at the ankle and pushing his lover deeper inside of him. “Yess,” he hisses. “Harder please.”
His lover heeds his command and starts to pump his hips harder into Steven. Steven dug his nails into his lover’s skin, most assuredly drawing blood. Steven places kisses alongside his lover’s cheeks, then moving down to his neck where he sinks his teeth in, biting into the flesh like a vampire needing to feed. His lover grunts but that only seemed to spur him on more as he brutally pumps inside of Steven. This is how Steven loves it, rough and hard, only one man knows how to make him feel this wild and crazy. Only one man knows how to take his body to unimaginable heights.
“Brady,” Steven pants out unconsciously. “Close, so close.”
As soon as Steven says the words, his lover brushes over his prostate and makes him cum. He calls out the name of the only man he has ever loved, “Brady!”
Steven hears a grunt as his lover follows after him expelling his seed inside of him. Steven is so satiated and tired he falls deeper into sleep not realizing his dream is indeed real.


Kristy Wright said…
Love this. Will there be more of this?
Giovanna Reaves said…
Yes, there will be! I am in the process of switching from using blogger to another format. Thanks for stopping by :)

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